Why choose easiHEALTH Colon Capsules?


The pharmacy or supermarket shelves have a huge range of products all geared towards solving colon problems which are so common in modern lifestyles. So, the question is which one to choose?

easiHEALTH COLON Capsules offer the benefit of 4 key ingredients: a PROBIOTIC, PREBIOTIC, FIBRE and PEPPERMINT all in one capsule. Instead of having to purchase these necessary ingredients individuall, you now only have to purchase one product. easiHEALTH guarantees quality ingredients with the correct therapeutic dosages. These capsules are manufactured in a GMP approved facility and have halaal certification.

Our colon capsules contain Lactobacillus sporogenes, a probiotic geared towards destroying ‘bad bacteria’ and promoting colon health. You will get the added benefit of a prebiotic, oligofructose, which feeds and maintains these probiotics stimulating their growth and activity. The psyllium husk fibre (Isphaghula) in this formulation acts as a gentle laxative and will assist with the symptoms of diarrhoea and constipation. Most laxatives can be harmful because they make your colon lazy, but this fibre is an effective natural remedy that is widely used.

The medicinal use of peppermint has also been used for centuries to promote optimal digestion and soothing and relaxing the symptoms of bloating, cramping and flatulence. Let our peppermint leaf powder hepl put and end to your discomfort.

easiHEALTH Colon is an ideal probiotic supplement if you are taking antibiotics. There is a risk of diarrhoea when antibiotics, as they can actually hurt by killing of the friendly bacteria that promote a healthy digestive system. If you are looking for quality and affordability, then easiHEALTH Colon is the product for you. You can find it at independent pharmacies nationwide.

easiHEALTH Colon comes in two different pack sizes. If you are looking for value for money then the 90 capsule pack will give you more for less. The handy little 20 capsule jar is ideal for people who are on the go.

This product is nappi coded so you can claim from your medical aid when purchasing it, and it has the support of a number of doctors who are prescribing it for their patients. Make the smart choice and take the best care of your colon with the support of easiHEALTH Colon Capsules.