About Us

easiHEALTH Nutraceuticals was established in November 2004. We are a Cape Town-based company that strives to bring safe, effective and comprehensively formulated nutraceutical products, which are competitively priced, to the marketplace.

Medicine is progressing towards an integrated model of incorporating the best of conventional and complementary medical approaches. As the science behind complementary medicine continues to grow, so too does the public demand for natural alternatives. easiHEALTH’s role is to provide a balanced and rational approach to the combined sciences of Ayurvedic, Phytotherapy, European, South American and South African traditional medicines, using a modern scientific approach. In combining the most effective of these ingredients that have been used for centuries and which in most cases have been clinically researched, easiHEALTH is able to offer our range of natural medicines. These products are often used as 1st line therapy by doctors, specialists, pharmacists and homeopaths.

easiHEALTH Nutraceuticals currently has a range of 14 products (tonics, tablets & capsules, distilled water and aqueous cream). Our formulations are geared towards giving support for many common lifestyle conditions and illnesses like obesity, diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, digestive ailments, colds & flu, compromised immune systems, over-indulgence/hangovers & impotence/ED. The idea of our approach is to not only treat the problem, but where possible, also the cause of the problem.

easiHEALTH sources the most effective, superior quality and clinically proven ingredients from South African, European and Indian traditional medicines. Our most important challenge is ensuring the safety, efficacy and quality of our products and formulations. Our products have halaal certification.

The easiHEALTH range of products is distributed through wholesalers to leading pharmacies and retail stores countrywide incl. Clicks & Spar. They can also be purchased online via hiVibe.co.za, the South African Online Health Shop. Our products are nappi coded so that customers can claim from their medical aid. Our manufacturing facility is GMP approved and Halaal certified. We have aligned our company with leading GMP approved and ISO compliant suppliers of raw materials.
For more information, please explore our website or send your queries & comments to us via our website or by emailing info@easihealth.co.za

easiHEALTH… combining science and nature.