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Hi Julie,,, I was real fed-up with cracked heels and winter hands.. So my friend told me to get some Aqueous cream and apply it 2-3 times a day.. WOW and gone was the problem.. I'm never without my magic cream and tell all my friends about it too.. it's affordable and really soothes my skin. The whole family use the cream in winter. Thanks

-Ullricke van Zyl

easiHEALTH Energy Tonic

When visiting family in Cape Town I bought 2 bottles and it really worked-had loads of energy and food craving was non-existent. I stay in a small little village in the Eastern Cape and want to know whether I can order it from you through the post?

-Adriana Vorst

Hi there, I tried the energy tonic today and I must say it does wonders and I never want to be without it..I have never been this awake and energetic in I don't know how long..IT'S GREAT!!


I grew up as a fat child. Thinking it was baby fat (fat chance)! I was shocked when I realized I had grown up to be a fat adult. The battle had begun. Fat trappers, fat blockers, fat pants, appetite suppressants, herbal remedies, shakes, teas, good advice, sometimes less good advice….. You name it, I tried it. Some worked, some did’nt and I always put the weight back on, if not more. I always felt tired, sulky and uncomfortable. I was at my wits end when a rep suggested Easi Slim. By this time I had tried everything except getting my jaws locked. (Though given the opportunity, I would have done that, to lose weight anyway. I went on holiday, lazed around and pretty much ate what I usually would. When I came back to work, I weighed myself, just to humour myself. I had lost 2kg in 3 weeks. I could’nt believe my eyes! Thinking it was too good to be true and I would pick up everything I’d lost, I kept on using the syrup and the tablets. That was 6 months and 11kg’s ago. A lifetime ago. I feel more energized and confident and I’ve never looked back since. I love the way I look and especially the way others look at me. Thanks, Easi Slim. I’m loving every second!

-Brigette Labuschagne | Protea Heights Pharmacy

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I have had a condition for over 20 years . Had been through the normal medical chains , but was never diagnosed as such nor was there a solution , apart from my own lifestyle management . That got me to a relatively stable state . This product gave me comfort that I knew not existed. I am testing the product on other people with diff types of stomach or colon problems . So far its a 100 % success rate , even though its only 3 people . I will update u if you like on other peoples comments .


The tabs are doing wonders for my daughter. She has finished the first box and is now using the second. She still gets aches on her tummy but not so harsh and so frequent. Enjoy the day Regards

-Bonita Hook

Ek ly al lank aan ‘n spastiese kolon en het al die produkte op die mark probeer. Ek het so 2 maande terug julle produk by Clicks op die rak gesien en dit gekoop en gebruik. Wat ‘n verbetering Ek kan regtig vir u sê dit is die beste produk wat ek nog gebruik het.

-Elize Swanepoel

I have been suffering with IBS, went to doctor and he put me on Zantec. I searched the web and came across your product. Been on it for 3 days. What a difference, I feel so much better (can't explain in words) Thank you

-Mandy Knoop

It works wonders for my husband who battled with a stomach ailment for about 6 weeks. After a colonoscopy and gastroscopy, where they found all was fine, he still battled. My dad suggested Gastrochoice IBS, but even though he was taking that certain foods would still cause a problem. Then the pharmicist at a pharmacy in Marylone Mall The Reeds suggested Easicol IBS!! He was extatic! For the first time in months he could eat anything he wanted again!!


Firstly thank you for the free box i received in December 2011. Secondly i started with a dosage of 2 in the morning before meals with a big glass of water and 2 at night before my main meal of the day. i experienced some nausea in the beginning and it did take some time to start working but its an excellent product as there was no stomach cramps or discomfort and my bowels emptied in a normal comfortable manner no runny tummy just normal. i did however experience some gas but not continuously and felt better afterwards too. This product definitely keeps me regular in a normal healthy way. Thanks again Allison


Ek het die colon probeer wat julle vir my gestuur het, baie dankie dit werk baie goed hou jou gereeld, en ek het geweldig opgeblaas as ek klaar geeet het, dit help geweldig vir dit, dryf winde baie goed af.Baie dankie dat julle dit vir my gestuur het. Ek is op pensioen en kan nie altyd die regte goed gebruik nie. Die produk werk uitstekend. Baie dankie

-Hermien Grobler

Just a few words to thank Easihealth again for sending me the free box of capsules. I am really impressed with the product and have definitely noted an improvement in my “routine”. What I like about the product is that it is natural supplement. I have tried a few products before and will recommend these capsules to some of my lady friends. I will continue using the product – see that I can order it online from iHealth.co.za. Kind regards.

-Elize Wiggill

Ek het so amper ‘n maand gelede begin om die produk te drink, en toe kry ek nog ‘n gratis pak van 60 kapsule, baie dankie aan Julie Houston. Moet sê dit is beter en meer bekostigbaar as baie van die produkte wat ek al gebruik het. Baie tevrede, sal dit beslis aanbeveel.

-Ina Kruger


WOW!!! what stunning client service, after making contact with yourselves via your website, you very kindly recommended that I call your rep, what a pleasure! Despite numerous phone calls to surrounding Pharmacies we were unable to obtain your product. Many thanks to your rep who has gone over and above her call of duty, by ensuring that we received your product (easiHEALTH SLEEP capsules), which she personally delivered to our offices in Sandton. Thanking you all in advance Warm regards

-Dee Joubert


I bought EasiSLIM at the Women's Show. I find it a wonderful product as I am diabetic it really works for me. Where can I buy the product, who stocks it. Please let me know.


I would just like to say thank you very much for a lovely product. I have lost a lot of weight with the easiSLIM tonic and I'm loving every minute of all the compliments I get from everyone around me, I have referred many of my colleagues to this product and they all loving it just like I am. Thanks so much... I'm all ready for SUMMER TIME!!!

-Shereez Collen


Dear Sir I heard that your Viral Shield was a good product so last week Sunday evening when I developed a sore throat, I immediately took four of the capsules and went to bed. Monday morning I was fine but I took another two capsules. I really am fine and cannot believe that something can actually stop a cold once it started. I will definitely use it again and will make sure I have some handy right through winter. (I took all the capsules with a lot of water) Thank you for a great product. Regards Daniel Durbanville Western Cape


Viral Shield is my favourite product. I love the way it boosts the immune system to shield it against viral infections. Especially now that winter is here, but all year round it is good to use it. Thanks for a great product.

-Louise Vermeulen


Baie dankie vir die immune booster wat ek die afgelope maand gebruik het. Ek is 66 en baie aktief, slaap min en word soms 'n bietjie moeg, veral met min slaap. Gelukkig is ek baie gesond, maar ek het gevind dat die Immune booster my beslis meer energie gegee het en het ek gedurende die tyd wat ek dit gebruik het 'n verskil agter gekom. Sal beslis nog van julle produkte probeer. Het julle 'n produk wat slaap bevorder aangesien ek nie chemiese slaappille wil drink nie. Groete

-Sanet van Rooyen

I have been taking the Easi Health Immune Booster and must say that I am feeling wonderful. I had surgery to my thyroid on the 21st of November and had a remarkably quick recovery. The wound has healed completely and I have gone back to work and even gone back to Walk for Life and is back to walking five kilometres three times a week. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try your product. I will use the product again and I also want to purchase the weight loss and colon products. Thanks again and best wishes with your products.

-Francien Smit

Thank you for your mail with regard to the free sample received from Maatband. I started the course and have just completed with the 30day use, and will definately be buying this in future. I enjoy using boosters, immune tablets as I am prone to chest problems in winter. I did feel good while using the product and also slept well at night. Thanks for the freebee, much appreciated. Regards

-Celeste vd Linde

Ek wil net baie dankie se vir die Immune Booster wat ek ontvang het deur aan die Maatband Give-Away deel te neem. Ek het dit ontvang toe ek besig was om vraestelle op te stel en te merk by die skool en het ook nog baie ander verpligtinge gehad wat my regtig besig gehou het. Ek het gevind dat die Immune Booster my regtig die energie gegee het wat ek nodig gehad het. Ek gaan verseker vir my van julle produkte koop, want dit werk regtig! Groete en nogmaals baie dankie

-Retha Malan

I am almost finished using my capsules only 3 left. But I can tell you that this product helped me. I received 17 Chemo treatments finishing on the 19 August 2010. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 had a bilateral Mastectomy. I could only make it to 2 o clock in the afternoon and then feel so tired, then I normally take a quick nap for about an hour. Since I have been using the Immune booster capsules I do not feel tired at all and can do some of my home duties and go to town do all my shopping in one day. Before I could only go to Pick a Pay for my monthly shopping and straight after that drive home and rest for awhile. I’ve tested the capsules by not taking it for two days, and feel the difference (tired) again. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to use your capsules on a month’s trial. Regards

-Lorraine Fourie

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