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1. What is the difference between THERMOCUT™ TONIC and ENERGY™ TONIC?

The THERMOCUT™ TONIC contains an extra ingredient Gymnema sylvestre which has positive benefits for glycaemic control and may reduce blood glucose levels. This makes the THERMOCUT™ TONIC beneficial for diabetics.

4. Green Tea extract also contains caffeine. Why is this caffeine different to the caffeine in the tonics?

Caffeine is a plant-based alkaloid which stimulates the central nervous system. There are six commonly used caffeine stimulants: maté, coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa, and guarana. easiHEALTH THERMOCUT™ Capsules contain Yerba maté and Green tea extract. The caffeine in Yerba mate (mateine) and in Green Tea extract (theine) has the same stimulatory affects as caffeine without the negative side effects (stressing the body, causing jitters, anxiety & nervousness). Instead they are healthier and have an energizing effect, delivering both energy and nutrition. Their caffeine content is lower, it acts on a slow release and is combined with calming amino acids and muscle-fueling nutrients. easiHEALTH THERMOCUT™ and ENERGY™Tonics contain added caffeine and the Yerba maté (mateine). The added caffeine reacts differently when absorbed and causes spikes in energy levels (fast release).

5. Can THERMOCUT™ TONIC be used by patients with high blood pressure?

No, THERMOCUT™ TONIC contains Caffeine, which will increase heart rate and is contra indicated in patients with HBP.

7. Can THERMOCUT™ be used by diabetics?

Yes, the THERMOCUT™ formulations contain ingredients that are suitable for diabetics, especially for supporting glycaemic control. They contain no added sugars.




1. Can easiHEALTH ENERGY™Tonic be taken if you suffer from high blood pressure?

No, the Energy Tonic contains Caffeine, which will increase heart rate and is contra-indicated in patients with HBP.

2. Will I lose weight with easiHEALTH ENERGY™Tonic?

easiHEALTH ENERGY™Tonic is an Energy Tonic and designed to increase energy levels. However, the formulation does contain fat burners (Thermogenics) which only work when used in conjunction with exercise. The formulation may also reduce appetite, which may have a positive effect on weight management. For weight management rather use easiHEALTH THERMOCUT™ Tonic or easiHEALTH THERMOCUT™ Capsules if you have high blood pressure.




1. Are the COLON™ Capsules safe during pregnancy?

Safety in pregnancy and lactation has not been established.

2. Are the probiotics in the COLON™ Capsules stable on the shelf?

easiHEALTH COLON™ Capsules contains the probiotic Lactobacillus sporogenes. They are quite stable and do not decrease in numbers during process of manufacture, handling and upon storage for long periods at room temperature. This probiotic is stable for more than 2 years at room temperature and retains 90-95% activity over this period.

3. Can easiHEALTH COLON™ Capsules be used long term?

Yes, unfortunately Colon/IBS is a chronic disease and treatment is ongoing and supportive.




1. Is easiHEALTH SLEEP™ safe for hypertensive patients because it contains Siberian Ginseng?

If used in the appropriate dosage and under the supervision of a health care professional, Siberian ginseng is not known to cause many serious side effects. High doses and long term use is not recommended for patients with high blood pressure. This herb can increase blood pressure and is therefore not recommended for individuals with very high blood pressure. Patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure should therefore not take easiHEALTH SLEEP™.

2. Can easiHEALTH SLEEP™ and easiHEALTH CALM™ capsules be taken with antidepressants (SSRI’s)?

No, the Sleep and Calm formulations contain ingredients that act on the Central Nervous System and may enhance mood. This will have an effect on the antidepressants. Therefore both products are contra indicated for use in combination with SSRI’s.




1. Is BRONCHOSHIELD™ Syrup safe for diabetics because it contains honey and for patients who suffer from hypertension because of the licorice?

For diabetics, if glucose readings are under control, i.e. 3 month HbA1C readings are optimal, then short term use of this syrup containing honey (fructose as well as glucose), should not be harmful to the patient. The diabetic patient can be assured that consuming honey will produce a significantly lower blood sugar response than an equivalent amount of sugar or other glucose rich starches. However, diabetics suffering from any colds or other underlying infections will have higher average glucose readings. Therefore, extra precautions should be taken during this time. Keeping good control of blood sugar levels and with frequent blood sugar level checks, there is no harm in including honey as part of the diet. Use in moderation as honey also contains carbohydrates.
The dosage of the Licorice in this syrup should not cause problems for hypertensive patients as it is usually detrimental when taken in large quantities. Most dangerous effects generally only occur with high doses of licorice taken over an extended period of time (Consuming 30 grams or more of licorice daily for several weeks may cause side effects including high blood pressure). To be safe, ask your health care provider to monitor your use of licorice. It is advisable to check blood pressure readings regularly when taking Bronchoshield™ Syrup.

2. Can easiHEALTH BRONCHOSHIELD™ Syrup be used for infants?

easiHEALTH recommends that the BRONCHOSHIELD™ Syrup be used for children from 1 year and older. It contains honey and it is important not to feed honey to infants due to the potential risk of infant botulism. Infant botulism arises from exposure to botulism spores which can be found in the honey. It is generally recommended that honey not be given to a child under the age of twelve months. Once a child is past a year in age, they’re resistant to the effects of botulism spores and should no longer be at risk of illness.




1. Can easiHEALTH VIRAL SHIELD™ Capsules be used for cold sores?

Yes. These capsules contain ingredients which can be used to reduce the severity and frequency of cold sores and are beneficial for treating conditions caused by viruses including herpes simplex viral infections.




1. What is the difference between easiHEALTH IMMUNE BOOSTER™ Capsules and others on the market?

easiHEALTH IMMUNE BOOSTER™ contains ingredients with clinical studies. Many of these ingredients are used for research by the Johns Hopkins University, Anderson Cancer Centre and National Cancer Institute in the USA.




1. Which medical aids cover the products?

All our products are listed with MediKredit who allocate NAPPI codes to them. It is up to the individual medical schemes to list our products. We are aware that Discovery Health covers our products.

2. Which stores stock the easiHEALTH range of products?