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ABOUT easiHEALTH Nutraceuticals

easiHEALTH Nutraceuticals has combined science and nature and aligned itself with leading GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved suppliers of raw materials.

easiHEALTH has the benefit of sourcing the most effective, superior quality and clinically proven ingredients from South African, European and Indian traditional medicines.

Phytotherapy is an ancient form of healthcare and the current revival of interest is a worldwide phenomenon. The World Health Organisation estimates that herbalism is three to four times as widely practiced as conventional medicine. Herbs act in a wide variety of ways, such as cleansing, eliminating and detoxification. Some are used to stimulate the body’s immunity and resistance to disease. The human body may assimilate nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as antibiotic and hormonal substances from plants whilst obtaining both food and medicine. Phytotherapy facilitates healing of chronic problems with less danger of the side effects inherent in drug-based medicine.

It is the basis of Chinese and Tibetan medicines and other health care philosophies using plant derived substances. Today there is a proliferation of Ayurvedic universities, physicians and medicines in India, the land where the oldest medical science was born. Ayurvedic medicine is becoming increasingly popular in SA, the USA and Europe. easiHEALTH’s role is to provide a balanced and rational approach to the combined sciences of Ayurvedic, Phytotherapy, European, South American and South African traditional medicines, using a modern scientific approach. In combining the most effective of these ingredients that have been used for centuries and which in most cases have been clinically researched, easiHEALTH is able to offer an effective, safe and proven range of natural medicines.

easiHEALTH has the support and advice of scientists, pharmacists, and doctors in South Africa, Switzerland, India and the USA.

easiHEALTH sources superior quality and clinically proven ingredients from South African, European and Indian traditional medicines.


Ayurveda, which means “The science of life”, is a 6000 year old medical system of achieving and maintaining optimum health developed in India. The combination of these age old practices with modern scientific research, has been instrumental in the formulations of the products brought to the market place.

By aligning ourselves with companies that are GMP and ISO compliant and approved, patients are assured of the safety and quality of all our products and formulations.


Disclaimer: All care has been taken by easiHEALTH to ensure that information is kept current and up to date.